OC Serves Up – New guidelines!

OC Serves Up has seen steady growth in the program since launching in July, with more and more students accessing it each week as well as many repeat users. To accommodate this growth, we have updated the application process as of Monday November 9th.

Students will be able to sign up via a Google Form, which we hope will make the process faster and easier. The link is included at the bottom of this post and is also available in our header menu, app, and social media.

To help everyone adjust to this new system, we will continue to accept applications via email for the next few weeks.
Our current guidelines for accessing the program still apply, including:

  • The deadline to apply for a meal is 10:30am the day of
  • Applications must not be submitted more than 24 hours in advance
  • Program runs Monday through Friday
  • Pickup is inside the OC Cafeteria. Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Meals may need to be heated prior to consuming (Please note that there are currently no microwaves for student use on campus)

Here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/ocservesup