Coming Soon – Pantry Hamper Program!

📣 NEW SERVICE ALERT 📣 Our Pantry remains closed to students, so we’ve decided to bring it to you in the form of Hampers! 🍱

The OCSU hamper program is based in Kelowna, and is designed to assist with short term food insecurity. Students must pre register for a hamper- Registration launches JANUARY 15th! Links to the form will be on our website and our socials!

Hamper pick ups begin JANUARY 22! And will go every Friday until the end of the semester. Student must come to campus to pick up their order. Masks covering your mouth and nose will be mandatory! 😷 Students can register for a max of 2 hampers a month- but only 1 per week. We are looking forward to seeing you safely for your orders! 👋 Pick up times and locations will be communicated directly to those who order. If you have any questions about this service please email our campus Organizer, Megan at