Welcome to our virtual office!

Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, all of our offices have been closed since the middle of March. While we continue to be in contact with you all via email and social media, we know that some questions are better asked and answered face to face. But oh, what to do if the office doors are closed! Our solution? Run our office virtually via Zoom!

Every Wednesday morning and afternoon, an OCSU staffperson hosts an open Zoom session that all students are welcome to join. Just like with a physical pre-COVID office visit, there is no need to sign up or register in advance – pop in anytime!

How to visit our virtual office

Simply click the button with your preferred time slot below, and you’ll be instantly taken to the waiting room. It’s that easy! The link never changes, so you can bookmark it and keep coming back each week.

9am-10am Session

Start your day on a good note with Madeline!

1:30pm-2:30pm Session

Currently on hold

What to expect

Joining the session
You’ll be admitted to the main meeting room a moment or two after entering the waiting room. We’re usually pretty fast at letting people in, but please note that we only let one person in at a time to protect privacy. So if we’re already chatting with someone else when you enter the waiting room, you’ll have to hang tight for a minute until we’ve finished up with that person.

Sessions are pretty casual overall. Most visitors are simply come in, ask their question, and leave – although you are welcome to hang out and chat if no one else is in the waiting room.

We ask that you follow basic netiquette (avoid excessive background noise, don’t sneeze into your mic, be fully clothed, etc) during your session. Please also be respectful of our staff and avoid abusive language and behaviour.

If you have a pet, we strongly encourage you to put them on camera.

What can you ask about?
Just about anything! Most inquiries we get are about OCSU campaigns and services, but we are also happy to chat about anything College/OC related. If you’re unsure if a question is “OCSU” enough, we encourage you to ask anyway! We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

You are also welcome to just pop in and say hello. We’re always happy to get to know our members!

Is video required?
Not at all! You don’t need to have your camera on during the session if you aren’t comfortable with it. (We’ll have ours on, though!)

Who hosts these?

Our virtual office is run by two OCSU staff members: Madeline, our Regional Organizer; and Krissy, our Member Services Coordinator. Both are fun, friendly, and knowledgable individuals.

Madeline hosts in the mornings, and Krissy takes over in the afternoons.

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